SmartBone - An optimized module for Dynamically Simulated Bones

Hi! Ive seen some awesome things made with this source. I was wondering though do the bone animations replicate to clients? Or is it only visible to the local player?

Why is the model offsale?

Could you tell me what ui library is that?

The model got taken down from Roblox. You can still use GitHub to download it.

The physics are ran per client. Each client will see a slightly different simulation due to different times when they started the runtime.

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This is cool! Is it possible to make it so you can grab the bone instance (without it stretching ridiculously far) and move it ? Kind of like grabbing someones hair. it would be really cool if it was possible!

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It would be possible through changing some of the source code (Adding a constraint to keep a bone within a certain distance of a point e.g your hand), but I doubt this will end up being a natively supported feature. It would have to support so many different methods of interacting with a bone and in the end would likely cause the code to be alot less structured.

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I do not understand github, I couldn’t find an rblx/rbxmx file anywhere there. I got the module a different way but realized it is too confusing to set up.

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I tried the module, and it works wonders! I hope you can get the model back up and release the collisions update!


Are you planning to release this?

Me and celnak are working together on this, it will release eventually.


That’s great! I’m waiting for you guys to release this, it’s going to be revolutionary for Roblox. Take your time though, no pressure!


The module is offsale, can you bring it back, please?


roblox takeddown the module from marketplace.

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Do you know the reason for the ban by any chance?

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This module is very good, it makes stuff feel more alive, but i am having a problem myself while using it, that sometimes it ends up hard crashing and making Roblox close itself, it seems to happen when a player touchs another player having their cape being simulated by this module, it seems to be very specific and doesn’t happen 100% of the times but it does happen enough that i had to disable this module for now from my project, i don’t know if anyone else has had this problem too, tried looking at the source for possible causes but couldn’t find anything, anyone got a clue on what it might be?

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that for the reason #$<÷*'£○¥\♤●♤ (igrone)


A friend made a mirror that works with SmartBone, reflecting animations arent really possible sadly. Looking forward to the collisions update!


I cannot purchase this item, the product for some reason is off sale. Please make it on sale again, so new people can get it.

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