SmartBone - An optimized module for Dynamically Simulated Bones

Can’t wait for these to be released!


Will this be an update for Smartbone or is this your own changes? If so, I’m also really excited for it!

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I’m using smart bone for my game, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to temporarily pause and resume the updating of a smart bone mesh?

I’ve tried adding/removing the tag, but when removing it the bones don’t return back to their original position, so when the tag is added again the bone placement is off.

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I been trying to do the same thing, as if to like “freeze” the bone(s) in place then “unfreeze”

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For adding collisions do you guys think you could add a predetermined block that we can place down and add an attribute for the collision group. So that we can just place down blocks where smart bone objects interact with them? I’m not sure if this would increase performance on adding collisions or not as you would only have to take a specific amount of parts into account. You could make it a setting too if it does increase performance as most of the time people will probably be using it to make sure that smartbone objects don’t clip through the character and specific walls where flags are e.t.c.

this is what we are already doing

I noticed that when my camera is farther away from the mesh, it drops in framerate. Is there a way to disable this?

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Probably don’t wanna disable that. It’s an optimization feature. Level of detail. Your framerate can literally drop to 10% depending on what you do.

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i made it so that its constantly 60 frames per second and only disables after 1000 studs. since there’s going to be at most 20 of these objects will it still be an issue?

Throttling is an important feature, even for only 20 objects you should still have it setup to be a reasonable amount unless the objects are massive


hey does anyone know what happens when I try to animate a bone that’s affected by the smartbones model? Will it overwrite the module and go back to being squishy after the animations are done?

If I remember correctly, bone animations being played wont be overwritten (or blend) with SmartBone.


once the animation is done will the smartbone be applied?

That I am not sure of, you should test it yourself.

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The animation may blend if the animation weight < 1
It’s worth trying out honestly

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any ETA for the collision support?

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my model collapses in on itself when using Smartbones:

Rig with Stiffness 0

Rig with Stiffness 1

I don’t think its a weight paint problem since I put the second image as Stiffness 1, do you guys know how to solve this? This is the rig in blender:

Results seem to be random each time:
Rig with Stiffness 1

Got it working just had to keep the rig simple, kinda strange that it doesnt work with all rigs though



have you tried checking the weight paint of your rig?
automatic weights are not always good.

reducing the bones probably helped with the automatic weight paint that was applied by blender when you applied the armature to model