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Smile ‘N’ Delight || Presidential Guide


This is the OFFICIAL Guide for the Smile ‘N’ Delight Presidential Team! This guide is available to Presidential Interns and above! If this information is leaked the offender WILL be INSTANTLY terminated from Smile ‘N’ Delight and permanently blacklisted from the bistro and Pbanned in all group games! DM Rlate#0001 or andreHR001#0001 on Discord if you have any questions or concerns.

Rank Management

Presidential Interns+ have permission to promote, demote, suspend and fire individuals at any time! We advise you to use these permissions wisely as not all staff are privileged to rank. You should always abide by the information listed in this guide.

  • Check if the user is on a cooldown.
  • Post it with the correct format in #promotion-logs.
  • Double check your log before you post-it.
  • Provide evidence if it is a session promotion. (Training, Shift, etc)
  • Check if the user has had any previous punishments.
  • Post it in #demotion-logs
  • Check your log before you Post-It
  • Demotions are way different than terminations, if they get terminated they are blacklisted from Smile N Delight. Demotions lowers their rank, and they can work still.
  • Check if the user has 2 or more suspensions, if so notify/DM a Presidential Official+ to suspend.
  • Check your log before you post.
  • Post it in #suspension-logs
  • Include the length of suspension.
  • Don’t forget to unsuspend user after suspension or you WILL be given a strike.

ONLY Presidential Official+ may terminate.

  • If a PO is terminating a user they MUST have permission from the Presidential Director +
  • Post in #termination-logs
  • Use the correct format
  • PD+ Does not need permission to terminate.

Discord Tickets

As a part of the Presidential Team, you are given the “@Support Team” role. You must claim the tickets and greet them. EX: Greetings, I’m {username}, How may I assist you today?

Cooldowns (CD)

Please make sure that you checked that a user has completed their promotion cooldown before you promote them again!

For checking a cooldown, get their corresponding rank and check with the days/weeks/months if they are on a CD, Do NOT promote them. If they don’t have a CD feel free to promote them.

Presidential Director + can bypass cooldowns at anytime within reason.

Awaiting Training - Head of Kitchen

1 Day Cooldown!

Team Leader - Management Team

3 Days Cooldown!

Senior Management Team - Executives

5 Days Cooldown!

Head Executives - Restaurant Director

1 Week Cooldown!

Development Team


Presidential Intern - Presidential Official

2 Month Cooldown!

Vice President - Presidential Executive

3 Month Cooldown!

Presidential Director - Proprietor



Proprietor - Leadership Team

Co-Proprietor - Leadership Team

Presidential Secretary - Leadership Team

Presidential Director - Leadership Team

Presidential Executive - Leadership Team

President - Leadership Team

Vice President - Leadership Team

Presidential Official - Leadership Team

Presidential Assistant - Leadership Team

Presidential Intern - Leadership Team

Development Team - Senior High Rank

Restaurant Director - Senior High Rank

Restaurant Deputy Director - Senior High Rank

Head Executives - Senior High Rank

Executives - High Rank

Intern Leadership - High Rank

Senior Intern - High Rank

Intern - High Rank

Advanced Helper - High Rank

Helper - High Rank

General Management Team - High Rank

Senior Management Team - Middle Rank

Management Team - Middle Rank

Kitchen Coordinator - Middle Rank

Supervising Team - Middle Rank

Staff Assistant - Middle Rank

Team Leader - Middle Rank

Head of Kitchen - Low Rank

Senior Barista - Low Rank

Barista - Low Rank

Waiter/Waitress - Low Rank

Junior Barista - Low Rank

Awaiting Training - Low Rank

In-Game Permissions

As a Presidential Intern+, you have administrative commands, that you will ONLY use to keep the game(s) safe. You will use the special commands wisely and responsibly.


3 Warnings (MAX WARNINGS)


2 Kicks (MAX KICKS)

Permanent Ban (PBan)

3 Bans or Serious Offense

Signed By:
36 | Proprietor ~ Rlate
34 | Presidential Secretary ~ AndreHR001
Presidential Department!

Approved By:
Rlate ~ Proprietor