Smokiez Restaurant | Official Handbook

Smokiez Restaurant’s Official Handbook

"Can’t tame the flame"

Who We Are: Smokiez is a wonderful and accepting community. Here you can hangout, work, and make new friends. Smokiez isn’t just a restaurant it’s a family, be apart of our family.<

Founded by GoofyLorrd on 07/09/19

Main Group

Game Links

Application Center

Alliance Info

Alliance is one of the things we look forward to here at Smokiez. We would love to be allies with your group, but first you must meet a certain set of requirements.
Your group must have the following requirements:

  • More then 150 members. NOT botted.
  • Professional Staff
  • Released game(s). (i.e. Restaurant, Cafe, Hotel, and e.c.t.)
  • An active community.
  • Events and sessions hosted often.
  • No drama in your group.
  • Must have a discord server. (Communication purposes)

Official Rules
Rank Descriptions

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