Smooth camera for Studio

Using damping on movement inputs, I created a plugin that lets you move around in Studio with a really smooth feel. I’m sure some will really dislike it for building, but I find it nice to use for navigating around maps.

Right now, key bindings are hard-coded, and movement settings are located in a folder named SmootCameraSettings in the Workspace when you have the plugin on. I’d like to build a UI in the future to change both of those.


Video demonstration:


Thank you.

Ugh, always issues. It seems like it is nearly impossible to select objects when the plugin is being used. I’m not sure why yet. It doesn’t reserve the mouse or anything. It seems like it deselects objects as soon as you select them.

If anyone has ideas on how to fix this, I’d love to hear it!

Works beautifully, haven’t noticed any issues with selecting objects. However, the damping and controls feel a bit too loose, would be nice to have a setting to adjust the damping speed.


There is. When you have the plugin on, there’s a folder in your Workspace called “SmoothCamSettings” (or something like that). You can edit the SmoothTime there.

I’ve found setting it between 0.05 and 0.1 to be best.

I eventually want to build a UI to edit these settings.

Oh neat, yeah something in the plugins tab or on the screen would be less intrusive than a folder in workspace.

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Definitely agreed! I rushed to release the plugin, so just hacked up the folder settings thing.

I’ll build a UI for it later today and push an update.

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This plugin is amazing, thanks <3

Thank you for this. It gives me a sort of Halo Reach Forge Mode feel, in a great way. I’ll definitely be installing this.

Thanks again,
AKA FamedChris

I recently added this plugin to my roblox studio but it did not seem right for me. The problem is that my camera freezes when i disable or remove the plugin.

Yeah, I really like it, seems great.

Good Job making it.


We need this fixed!!