Smooth Terrain Heightmap/Colormap Importer Release!

With decals and textures, you can see them while pending review if you’re the uploader.
Whereas with the heightmap, you’ll need to wait for them to go through the moderation pipeline.

As said in RDC, they’re looking into improving content moderation. So… hopefully it’s not as slow.

With decals and textures, you can see them while pending review if you’re the uploader.
Whereas with the heightmap, you’ll need to wait for them to go through the moderation pipeline.
As said in RDC, they’re looking into improving content moderation. So… hopefully it’s not as slow.

Now that I think about it, couldn’t roblox just allow users to use image IDs to make heightmaps so they could streamline this whole process?

If they use the current system, then I really hope they increase the resolution limit because the heightmap I made for my game is very high resolution because it’s going to be a very big map

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Thats weird, i cant seem to find it… Any ideas why?

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“Seek using CTRL + F and thy shall find …”

But I’ll repeat it here:
Unfortunately the importer was temporarily disabled to resolve a bug in the system.

We all hope it’ll be enabled as soon as possible. :smiley:

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Hi Developers,

Today, we are excited to re-release the Smooth Terrain Heightmap/Colormap Importer! We’ve cleaned up a few bugs and made a significant change to the workflow. To encourage safe and responsible usage, the Importer now requires that the images go through moderation before being used. Once an image has been uploaded and approved by moderation, it can be selected in the Importer.

Selecting an image that has not gone through moderation will display an error and not allow the import process to proceed.

Please note that your Game now must be published in order to use the Importer. Using the Importer in an unpublished Game will display a “Game must be published before importing terrain” error in the Output window. For best results, image resolution should be kept to 1024x1024px or below - images larger than this limit will be automatically scaled down.

One of our most important values at Roblox is to respect the community. This means respecting developers and players alike. This workflow change was critical to ensure we are in line with our own core values. As we look at the future of development on Roblox we know we need to improve your efficiency and this means not blocking your workflow. We are currently investigating ways to enable you as developers to work faster than ever, while still upholding our safety standards.


Thanks for the tip! I’ve updated the original post with relevant feature updates - including today’s re-release.


I was hoping that the eventual solution would restore functionality to this feature, but unfortunately in the name of limited safety the decision was made to make the feature nearly useless. It was an awesome idea while it lasted.


There should be a feature to disable the 16k size/voxel limits.

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I understand the intent behind this change, but it seems quite unreasonable to require developers to have their maps moderated before being able to import them.

This drastically hurts the efficiency of developers. Developers are now required to wait for their map to be approved before they can import it. In addition, developers looking to experiment with different map changes will now run into a lot of trouble with constantly having to wait on moderation before they can visually see their map changes on a 3d plane.

In the end, moderation for map imports is going to render this feature useless and not stop bad actors. Instead, Roblox should be focusing on hiring more content moderators to handle reports faster rather than adding approval processes to Studio features.


Again, like I stated before, moderating is completely useless as the player can use 2 or more heightmaps to accomplish something innapropriate. This is also time consuming because not only do we have to wait for moderation but also the chance of getting falsely moderated and having to wait all over for the image again.


I like the feature, however creating a large terrain (5120 x 5120 x 512 makes the saved file so big it just cant be published. 120meg file

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Completely lost as to why this requires moderation—really ridiculous. Should just be a local file upload. People will find ways to circumvent this if they really wanted to make inappropriate stuff, not to mention they could literally just paint/model inappropriate terrain themselves… this only slows down developers


I honestly think they’re trying to prevent people from uploading inappropriate things using Roblox’s software regardless of if it uploads to their servers or just an image of something inappropriate on social media. That’s my speculation.

@GeneralRelish I’m so disappointed in this change. It’s like this feature doesn’t even exist for me now. It’s worst off for me to use this feature than to use the terrain tools. Hopefully the new terrain tools don’t have any added moderation.

Edit: The biggest issue with the new release of heightmap importing is the fact that Roblox is assuming users are gonna make the best heightmap the first time around. Often times I need to upload a mesh multiple times. Guaranteed I’ll need to adjust a heightmap twice as much. Especially for the learning process. It not only clutters the inventory of players but there’s no way to actually permanently remove them. Even if this is a feature that’ll be added in the future. To have to upload a heightmap as much as I do… because I absolutely suck at making them and then having to go through moderation. I can’t express my disappointment enough.


I just found out about this and I was really excited to use it, but the moderation process is a big hurdle for my workflow. I’m not too annoyed by the size limit, as I could just split up a big image into 1024x1024 chunks (yeah its tedious, but that’s how it tends to be with importing assets here). Could there be some sort of preview option, or maybe an offline editor, if the staff is so worried about unmoderated assets being uploaded? As the people above said it’s really time wasting to experiment with this amazing tool if we have to wait for things to go through moderation. I understand Roblox’s concerns about safety, appropriateness, and such, and their stance is perfectly valid given the audience of the platform, but I’d really appreciate something like an offline editor so using this tool isn’t ridiculously time consuming.


the Position options - is that in studs or voxels?

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last time it was released this was studs. if that changed they would have said so.

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Who on earth was behind that decision? Why? Roblox is aware that we can actually just make whatever we want in Studio regardless of if an image is moderated right, yes? If I wanted to create some abusive terrain, the existing tools give me plenty of ability to do that.

What’s the point of heightmap images requiring moderation except to impede quick usage of this feature?


Out of curiosity is it just me that have to do multiple attempts on heightmaps because they often don’t work, are test runs, or just not quite finished yet?


yes i have had same issue, it generally (without malice) feels a bit clunky. If you try to import and the game/place is not published, it just doesnt do anything, perhaps a warning message with auto popup of publish model would be good. Also perhaps a Progress bar while importing would be good.