Smooth UI Transition

Hey Developers, -
I’m creating a subject UI and what you can do is change the colors of the theme keep in mind I already have everything setup tints, scripts, etc. But unfortunately, I can’t make my way around this problem basically what I want to happen is when you click it (a image label does a smooth transition fading into the color) -





Then let’s imagine you were to click red it would do a smooth transition into red,


all I am doing is making the red image label visible.

Anything would help! :smiley:

did you tried for loop yet? it will loop on every frame!

As far as I’m aware, you can create a tween which will gracefully change the colors of your GUI.

you may use a tween and a for loop on every tween to change it’s color

Quick question; why would a loop be needed with a tween?

i heard about this. Correct me if im wrong, im not understanding about this topic!

A tween is basically a loop that changes a property of an instance, but in the (possibly) best performant and aesthetic way possible.

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