Smoothterrain Idea

Roblox allows you to create smooth-terrain with the terrain tool, like so:
Terrain created doesn’t show in the Explorer:
I was thinking that if your terrain was a part, it would be much easier to copy and paste models, and manipulate models.

So, my plan would work like this:

  • Once creating smooth-terrain, it will show a part (possibly as the child of Terrain?)
  • The part will show the size and dimensions, like a part’s
  • Part’s size: 26%20PM
  • The terrain would look like this in the Explorer:43%20PM
  • The terrain’s properties will be slightly similar to a part’s, with the size and CanCollide option (and maybe the Anchor?):
  • The terrain will not be able to change its size however (due to how frustrating it would be)
  • The terrain’s size would be calculated by its most outer dimensions:

This feature may or may not work, but I’m sure it would make some things easier, like copy and pasting models.

  • I would like this feature
  • I would not like this feature

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