Snapshot to decal


As a roblox developer it is currently impossible to efficiently make shops that sell in game assets, as they require you to make a thumbnail for the said asset and doing so is either inefficient or is a really long process which could be cut down from 30 minutes or so of work (depends on how many assets u have) to simply a few clicks…

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would both increase the quality of my content and increase the speed and effort I would have to put in to making said content.

Maybe a tool built into studio, much like the one demonstrated in the previous hack week where we can take snapshots and it’d upload them to roblox as decals.


It sounds like you could try this:

  1. Make each asset a model and upload it with a ThumbnailCamera modified to your liking
  2. Use to fetch the model’s icon image (replace the 0’s with Model AssetIds)
  3. Script your shop to fetch and display these images


Yes I already do this though I shouldn’t need to do that :confused: