Snowball Madness [ALPHA]

Hello, this is a game which I have been working on for a while now. It revolves around snowball fights. I figured since there isn’t that many games which are like this on Roblox, it would be a cool (no pun intended) and epic addition to the platform.

Many more features are planned to come in the future. I look forward to hearing your opinions on this game!

By the way I recommend you play this with atleast 1 other person.



I joined to try it out, it is really really good.

It looks nice, it’s realistic.

Keep up the work!

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Should be in cool creations but your games is pretty nice nothing really to complain about.
Good job.

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Didn’t you already post this before? It’s considered spam if you post the same thing more than once.


Hi. That was to find some testers. In this post, I wanted to get some general opinions.


Added a shop (snowballs and gamepasses pages for now).
Stopped team kills.
Fixed some spawning issues.
Fixed some other miscellaneous bugs.

It’s pretty good, but I can barely see where I’m throwing and it does take quite long to reload

When you say that you can barely see where your throwing, is it because the UI is in the way or another reason?

Well definitely not the UI, for some reason I just can’t see the ball, it’s like im throwing nothing and I only see the snow smoke or whatever it’s called when the snowball lands, I’m not sure why. The game and the mechanics are great though.

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Alright thanks for letting me know. I’ll try make it more apparent that you actually throw something. I’ll try making the trails longer or even perhaps slowing the ball down.

I like it a lot, work on the thumbnail. It seems half done. But the game is good! Keep it up!

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  • Code optimisations.
  • Bug fixes
  • New map “City Snow”


  • Futher optimisations.
  • Fixed a major bug regarding snowball aiming.
  • Enabled functionallity of the coins tab in the shop; people can now purchase coins with robux.

It’s nice but I think the build styles seem off. I feel like you’re going for a cartoony look, so why are there shaders that make the map look super dark? Also the music choice seems off, it sounds like i’m listening to a sad drama, rather than having fun throwing snowballs. Finally another minor detail is that maybe you should change the “reload” when creating another snowball to something nicer. The GUI is really clean, and I can respect that! : )

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Hello, thanks for the feedback. I’ve changed the music for the maps now; I too have felt that the selection used previously was quite poor. I’ve also attempted to make the lighting brighter as per your suggestion. Regarding the the snowball reload animation, I may create another one in the future.


  • General gameplay experience improvements such as camera shake when hit with snowball.
  • New level system.
  • Mobile optimisations.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Test it out here:!/about


  • Some other bug fixes.
  • Partial support for xbox (some bugs related to camera movement. As such, currently in an unplayable state for console.)