Snowflake Development Team - How To Be Recruited

Hello, Roblox Community

This is a message regarding the common question “how to be recruited by Snowflake Development Team”. Before the Talent Hub was created and released, our team recruited developers via DevForums. Our team stopped recruiting developers (via DevForum) in October 2021. Since those events, our team now recruits on the Talent Hub (created by Roblox). As of December 11th 2021, we have re-opened applications and if interested you can apply here: Talent Hub. Remember not to just apply, read all of the information linked along with the job post. In the near future, our team will close applications again… so apply while you can.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Snowflake Development Team, please message me (via DevForums). If you have any comments regarding the status of this post, contact me.

Snowflake (@SnowflakeForest10)
Snowflake Development Team - Lead Developer :star: