So about BFDI:COMI

heya, i’m kampa.

sooo during my break, i’ve been thinking long and hard about what to do for bfdi:comi. i really love making this game, don’t get me wrong. but overtime, it just got to a point where it’s not fun to make anymore.

earlier this year, i just wanted to make a fun bfdi game on roblox because i just got sick of the constant rps that kept popping up. i wanted to make something new, and while i’m glad that there’s the part of the community that did enjoy it, there’s also the other half which is just demotivating.

i get that i’m supposed to ignore those, but i genuinely cannot. i read every single message because i am constantly looking for bugs to fix and what not. then there’s the other half of people who joined the group who just constantly request me to add a character, like i get it. this character is missing, and you want them added. i hear you. always.

but like, it’s not fun for me anymore. instead of being a place where i can look for bugs, it just ended up being a place where people can just enter and beg me to add a character. i’ve said so many times to leave me alone with the requests, but they just kept coming and it just ended up being so frustrating.

i work on this game alone, because i don’t trust anyone else. all the coding? done by me. all the artwork? done by me. so the constant requests just primarily pushed me to a point where it’s not fun to do the same thing over and over again. i have to constantly research for variant ideas, then i have to draw all of them from scratch, then i have to import them to roblox studio, hoping they will not get flagged, then i add them to the game, make a new crystal, change rarities, the works.

i constantly have to keep making new pets because otherwise, people will just get mad at me for adding new characters. actually, it’s mostly the angry players that drove me up to this point.

keep in mind, I WORK ON THIS GAME ALONE AND STILL LEARNING. as such, i can only focus on a certain amount of bugs. more specifically, the annoying data loss that can happen sometimes.

with my current knowledge of datastores, i was forced to wipe everyone’s data in the game. i still regret this, but it has shown me the true colors of the majority of the players. that they will NOT care for my reasons despite ME SAYING THAT THIS IS A GENUINELY BUGGY GAME.


and so here we are today, with me expressing my current feelings on this game. and this break made me realize how better my life was when i didn’t work on this game at all.

i regret coming to this conclusion, because i already know some of you are gonna be pissed off at this.

i don’t think i can keep working on this game anymore, this game has given me so much stress when it suddenly became popular. though as much as i hated it, i still enjoy the part of the game’s community that were full of support.

thank you all so much for the support you have given me.

thanks for reading, and i’ll see you around.

[TL;DR i’m not working on this game anymore, sorry!!!]

[also this isn’t my last roblox game. nor is it my last object show game; i am SICK of low effort object show roleplay games and i still wanna make new object show games for everyone to play. i just wanna prepare myself and be ready to make stuff again.]