So how come when I disable default roblox chat, it still puts a bunch of scripts into my game


I made my own events, so why does roblox throw all of this into my place
I disabled default chat, I did it myself, why is this or this


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Because the chat may still be available for other players.

SetCoreGuiEnabled is on the client, so it may only be disabled for some players in the game at one time.

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You can turn off LoadDefaultChat in the Chat service and Roblox wont load all the chat scripts when it starts.


Since the new chat is modifiable, Roblox puts these scripts in the game in a place you can see. Previously, similar scripts were put in your game in places you could not see as part of the CoreGui. Roblox automatically puts these in in order to keep the Roblox chat updated for all developers.

SetCoreGuiEnabled is sometimes used to disable guis temporarily, and only works and runs after the chat already exists to be turned “off”.

You can turn off the chat entirely by unchecking LoadDefaultChat inside the Chat service:

You can also modify the chat if you copy specific items you want to modify from the Chat service in play solo to the Chat service in edit mode. Roblox won’t auto-update any scripts that are already there.


ohhhhhhhhhhhhh That makes a lot of sense then

Fantastic thanks guys