So I noticed something weird at RDC 2019

I just noticed this during the stream, and yeah, it kinda surprised me at first.

*The thing*

It’s basically Minecraft being used to introduce everyone to the live ops, and Playfab keynote

What are your thoughts about this?


Actually that doesn’t surprise me because both of these companies (Azure and Minecraft) are owned by Mincrosoft. So it makes sense because Minecraft is the best product that shows us what Playfab can do. Roblox still can’t do it as said in the new stream. They need to find the best, safest and nicest way to connect Roblox Analytics to Playfab. I think thats why.

It’s ironic. Roblox could save everyone from Minecraft but themselves.


That’s very true, Roblox just couldn’t put a prototype of Playfab, they had to use an example of unnamed game, to pull it off.

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