So... RDC when?

The wait has begun! Who’s planning on attending next year and is there anything you hope to see changed/added/removed?


I am going to try to go next year hopefully i get invited but if not i will apply


Came this year not knowing much about RDC, and it definitely was well worth it. I’m coming back next year!


Better food and wifi are a must
Totally planning on attending next year and meeting @Spooks_HD sooner (and being less shy, there are lots of people I wish I interacted with), I had a wonderful time.


After watching him jump into the pentagon I’m sure he could jump across a football field

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I had so much fun at RDC, so I’m definitely going next year!


Havent attended any rcd events yet are you allowed to bring your own food.

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Yes you are definitely allowed. You don’t even have to eat at the conference or attend the conference at all, really.


That is great news to hear thanks.

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I’m planning on going to RDC 2020, hopefully.


Hopefully I could get invited next year, but anything could happen!

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All this discussion makes me think if i should go on a tour to one of the HQ thats near me would it be worth it?

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Definitely attending again next year

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Wow what a great post!

I am definitely attending next year (always do).

The Game Jam:
One thing I hope they add is transparency to judging. More live comments / questions on the game or each judge giving their comments on the game at the end of the presentation. Additionally, it would be nice to get every judge to check the games so there is a better consensus on who deserves to be in the top ten.

Also, please allow us to stack the little white cubes next time. I really wanted to play white block jenga but staff said no :frowning:

The food was pretty great; however, the selection we had and the amount was minuscule compared to last years’. We had barely any food at the party on Friday (compared to 2018) and the morning food was decent. The midnight dinner was the second most disappointing (following the Friday party), all that was given was a breakfast sandwich (the frozen ones you would get at Vons/Walmart/Etc.) and tater-tots (The most notable items, and the only items I got). The snacks were great I’ll give them a tip of a hat to that. So - after all that - what do I want changed/added/removed? I want them to change the food selection, I in general enjoy all food no matter what it is. However, I believe the selection was too small and there was too little of it.

What they changed about the conference were the best changes they could possibly make. The intro and game jam presentations were both just incredible. Honestly felt like I was going to try in the intro. Nothing here needs to be changed - it’s still that Roblox energy being emitted.

Breakout Sessions:
These as always are super insightful and worth going to. Nothing to change here imo

I already covered the food so I won’t go into that in this section.

This year they did really well when it came to the activities and the ice breaker as well (albeit being the same as last year just in game form and not in an app). Also the DJ (Hyper Potions himself) was just nothing short of amazing. Only downside as stated earlier was the food.

(Bonus) The Behind The Blox Tours (HQ Tours):
The people who led the tours (I believe the leaders this time round for the 1 PM time was SmoothBlockmodel and Nightgaladeld) smashed it out of the park. Not only were the tours super informative and far more in-depth than last years but were also more interactive and fun to communicate with the hosts (Sorry JParty!). The only party that I miss (which I thought was really clever) was the David Bazucki cameo. Everytime we went past a meeting room or an empty room with a white board he would A) Either be in a fake meeting, B) Making fake cocnepts with other people, and at the end he was in his office just standing there doing work. That was super cool and a clever was to state what those rooms are. So props on the tour!

Also one thing (if this is fixable next time) is to somehow make it so everyone gets their QR code. I got my Top Developer Program pre-register email, registered, and never got the QR code.

I’ve been going to RDC for the past 3-4 years now (since I was 13!) and I can definitely say that this has been the most social and best RDC I’ve been to so far. Roblox is continuously proving to the community every time this event comes around that they’re trying to make the experience bigger and better. (even though RDC EU was removed, sorry Europe!)
I’m super hyped to see what they do next year, if I think of anything else I’ll update the post.

Hoping to meet you next year anyways!


Honestly, I’m most excited about the game jams. It’s always been an interest for me and I always find it interesting looking at the weird and wacky games they make.

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My favourite game this year was We’re Stuck In Space by @zKevin & Co.
help What about you?


My favorite game was Beef Up made by @HenryDev and others, It was so wacky I had to like it.

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You already know I’m coming next year, 100% confirmed :sunglasses: My changes:

  • More robust judging for the Game Jam process. I’ve talked about this in other threads.
  • Earlier announcement and awareness of which wave we’re in for early preparation. I know that this can be hard if the lists aren’t totally finalized yet, but it would be nice.
  • Inclusion of Q&A with speakers in online recordings (besides just main stage stuff).
  • Add back real RDC EU for our friends on the other side of the world!
  • An RDC app would be kinda’ neat. Has worked well at other conferences for photo sharing, internal chat, etc. Eliminates or reduces need for things like the Discord channels and encourages meeting people… but still online.
  • WiFi, as others have said. It was flaky in some areas and perfect in others.
  • Let people know about the tours in advance (aka not going into the spam folder?). Even that would’ve made me buy an extra hotel night.
  • No McDonalds breakfast? Can’t decide if it was really good or really bad
  • Adding on to the above… no food poisoning please (oops, this one could be a lie)

Overall, everything was awesome! It was my first year, but I’ve heard a lot of feedback from people that this was the best RDC so far. I had a ton of fun, especially with the Game Jam, and can’t wait to come back next year.

Thank you to the people that made the Game Jam entertaining… I’m talking to you, bean-bag stackers and Spongebob boy.


Worth noting it was never confirmed whether it was food poisoning or just con plague

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I have a feeling it was the Bloxy Cola, I heard those are getting recalled for some reason