Soccer Game Security

I’m making a soccer ball system for a custom league, I’m working on the different tools right now and I’m wondering what kind of checks should I add for Network Ownership to keep my system secure? Or, how can I keep the whole system secure in general? I’m not looking for something too intricate since I’m not planning for it to be a public online game but I still want to keep it playable & cheat-proof.

The way it works right now it has different tools that handle different actions like passing, shooting, dribbling and the physics are handled on client-side using network ownership.

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go to the documentation for all the details about network ownership

quick guide: hackers can move any and all objects to somewhere else if they own it.
this will happen only on their screen but still .touched is based on local events so you should make a proximity meter instead that if .touched or any of these events happen you check how far away the player is (on serverside ofc)
some guy on yt made good vid about this:

edit: hope this helps!

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