Sodiaze's Community Handbook

Sodiaze’s Community Handbook

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Welcome to Sodiaze - :tropical_drink:
’Refreshed Luxury’ - :yum:

Sodiaze is a soda shop created to manufacture perfection through our wide range of drinks, pastries, and our exquisite soda, tailored to perfection by our diligent baristas who work constantly to provide an immaculate experience to all its visitors.

Our community handbook has been created to give more information, and to answer any questions you may have regarding to the group!

Group Roles

This section of the handbook will give more information about the roles in our group, and how you can achieve them!

Noted Customer: Anyone who has contributed significantly to Sodiaze’s progress within the industry.

Business Partner: This role represents any member joining our group on behalf of another alliance.

Trainee: This role can be received by passing our Trainee application!

Junior Barista to Skilled Barista: Can be earned by passing several training sessions.

All further roles require you to be in our Discord server, found in the group’s Social Links!

Employee Assistant: Achieved by working hard at the soda shop, or by passing MR applications.

All Further Roles: The promotion system is yet to be decided.

Vice President: Whilst working as the leader of a department, you have shown that you understand the industry, great leadership qualities, and dedication to the group. There is a limit of one person to this role.

President: This role is usually filled when it becomes vacant. Only the current Vice President may obtain this role, and a new director is given the opportunity to become the Vice President. There is a limit of one person to this role.

Co Owner & Owner: These roles are currently unobtainable. There is a limit of one person to each role.

Forming an Alliance

Forming an alliance is a great way for us to help your group, and for you to return the favour. Partnerships include the ability to host events together, promote your group’s major news in our Discord server, and much more!

If you’d like to form an alliance with Sodiaze, note that the minimum requirement is at least XX members in your Discord server and your Roblox group. This requirement can be changed at any time.

If your server fulfils this requirement, great! All you need to do now is to DM any online Relations Director+, and they will send a few representatives to assess your server, and see if it is possible for Sodiaze to form an alliance with your group.

If we deem your group to not align with our internal requirements, we will offer a detailed explanation as to what went wrong, and possible suggestions that will guarantee a alliance with Sodiaze the next time you apply.

This process can take up to 72 hours.

Ban Appeals

This section applies to both Roblox and Discord.

All permanent bans processed by our system are usually for a valid reason. If you don’t think this applies, you can message a VP+ to confirm this.

If your ban was valid, and you’d like to be unbanned, firstly make sure that seven days have passed from your original ban date. Afterwards, you may DM any VP+ a short paragraph as to what you were banned for, and why you’d like to be unbanned, as well as what you will do differently to avoid being banned in the future!

We hope this document helped you understand more about how Sodiaze operates! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask an Executive Assistant+!

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Last updated on the 7th of March 2022.