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Greetings, members of the Solanas Resort community. I am making this informative post to inform you guys about the current stage of the development process for the main resort. Below will be some sections of information you can read to see what our plans currently are.

Development Team

Current Members of Development:
Flam_ed - Scripting and User Interface Designing
popeeyy - Scripting
CrzNate - Scripting
JayRetrozz - Graphics Designer
PBSTKayla - Graphics Designer

Former Members of Development: (Do not currently work for us)
Spicy_Sebastian - Building
Builder_Boy - Models (Models from Version 2)
Spicy_Josh - Scripting
NicholasY4815 - Scripting
CAXXAM - Scripting
Duckzye - UI Designing
ASimply - UI Designing

Version Plans

For the Resort that we are releasing to the public for our launch sometime in July/August, we will be using the latest version ASimply used during the time before of the rollback of the company. Some of the plans we have as of now are to fix some build bugs in V1, add more gamepasses and activities, update the scripts, update the GFX, etc.

Training/Interview Center Plans

We plan to bring all new training and interview centers to the public. So far, our plans are to make it on an island just like the resort. We are going to be updating the technology for training to make it a faster process, and to make it an easier process for the staff team.


If you would like to make any suggestions or comments, please make them in the #suggestions channel in the Discord server.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can directly message me at connor#0001 or message one of the Vice Chairmen.

Development Team
Solanas Resort

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