[SOLD 1.3k] Haunted House Obby

About me

Hello There! I am a one year developer mainly [Building, Some scripting] I thought i would make this out of my free time.


Showcase: So much that i can’t take pirctures. Here’s the game: https://www.roblox.com/games/3600706860/Escape-The-Haunted-House-Obby


Im selling this starting at 1k Robux. I would love through group funds if you can’t then through T-Shirt.


You can contact me at Discord, Or messages below. - Hallow’sDev

Thanks for reading! @EthanDeveloperYT


I think this is worth more than 1k

Your discord is not working btw

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I definitely feel like you should sell this for more than 1k! The obby is amazing! You should however add some pictures to the post.

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Alright Thanks. What do you think i should sell this for? Ill add you if you put your dis right here.

Hi, I am not trying to call you out or anything, but this type of build looks like something @YTPACKSTABBER would make.

Yes, this could’ve been an obby inspired by his, but even the checkpoints are his avatar, are you 100% positive you made this?


Yes, These checkpoints are 100% made and scripted by me. At the time i was a really big fan of @YTPACKSTABBER, and loved this things. So i thought i would make it kinda like his.

I added some pictures to the post. Thanks for the suggestion!

Just to point out and build on the post above, the ghosts used in your game are free models.
Your game:

Your game is just the free model without transparency.

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Like i said, I have a few free models in this game. Other wise their is not much.

I messaged you. No need to further continue this here.

I’d say start bidding at 1k and close bidding within a few days to get the maximum robux possible.

Why are you selling free models? Isn’t that agianst the rules?


Their are 2 free models in the game.