[SOLD] Multiple Low-Polly Items

About me

Hello There! I am a 1 year developer [Building, Some scripting] Just started out on dev forum. Decided to try to make some things, to sell and make some extra Robux.


Items i am selling.


I preferably want to get payed through group funds. But we can message over discord if otherwise.


You can try to contact me through discord, The comment section, or Roblox. Hallow’sDev

Thanks for reading! @EthanDeveloper

Selling —

Apartment - 75

Fence - 75

Mountain - 100

Hill [Dirt] - 50

Can I buy the fence, Mountain, and hill please? Discord: Coneylove133#2653

Sure Thing, Im going to send a request on dis add me.

@coneylove133 Sent the Request on discord.