[SOLD] Simple Low Poly Building Assets

I have some simple lowpoly buildings for sale! Below you can find images of a;

  • Barn & Silo
  • One story farm like home
  • Two story farm like home
  • Small (famer’s market like) Shop
  • Larger Shop

The build was originally to be used for a farm like simulator game, could be used for the same thing? The terrain build can be added I don’t mind.

If you’re interested in purchasing, please send me an offer over on discord: kira#2066



You can view the builds in game here:


It seems the game is not publicly open; please open it so we can view the assets. Thanks!

Oop! It should be fully public now!

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Seems cool, but here is one fix you should make.

If you look at the leg of the sign on top it is not fully on the roof and looks like it is floating.