Solid colored bricks (all sides one shade, no reflections)

This feature would be nice for various special visual effects such as 3D UI elements and to make bricks meant to be light sources actually seem light they are shining brightly. All the sides of a part will be one shade exactly like with SelectionBoxes. Also a nice addition to it would be that either there is a given brightness property that modifies how bright the shade is or that they can still be light up by dynamic lighting and other lighting effects, but the part is still one solid shade of a color.

you can do most of these with SurfaceGuis.

But SurfaceGuis have clipping problems.

I would rather not have to use a 2D feature to cover for a potential 3D feature. The set up time is a lot longer for the SurfaceGUI workaround than the feature would require. Feature would also have the advantage for functionality when it comes to irregular shapes such as meshes with no textures and UnionOperations.

Also, from your’s truly, Stravant:

SurfaceGUIs are a no no