Solidify Vertices not moving with Mesh

I have created a blender model and I’ve already solidified it and created the armature for it…
My problem is, when I move the armature in pose mode or in the roblox studio, the solidified vertices only move slightly with the rest of the mesh causing the solidified vertices to be visible. I have already applied the solidify modifier. I’ll provide a few screenshots as it will probably be more helpful then me attempting to explain it further.

Image of issue in roblox studio: Spyro Test - Roblox Studio (
Image of issue in Blender: Blender* [C:\Users\nelso\Downloads\CynderProject.blend] (
image of Weight paint for head in wireframe view: Blender* [C:\Users\nelso\Downloads\CynderProject.blend] (

For anyone that will possibly have the same problem, the issue was that the solidify modifier was on complex instead of simple, I had to revert to an older version the redo my uv maps.