Solution Explorer

I think a solution explorer when coding would be very useful when developing large scripts. This is because large scripts may require a function and an event to be tweaked multiple times, and scrolling up & down can be very inefficient. It would help keep code organized and easy to read. CTRL+F is a good substitute for the meantime, but a proper solution explorer would be very helpful for skimming modules and quickly modifying scripts! :smiley:

For anyone wondering what this is, here is an example (Language: Java; Program: Eclipse Photon)

Thank you!


Really would like this, it’ll make navigation much easier to see what functions are in each script in such a huge or small workplace.

Eclipse does a really good job on this, so does visual studio code (they have an outline), studio implementing this would be friendly to a coding environment + development.


Hey, I actually ended up getting fed up with not having an outliner because Roblox was slow and got @boatbomber to make one hahaha. It turned out way better than I could have asked for and we decided to make it publically available too. Here is a link: