[SOLVED] After I change my player's character and dies, the player doesn't respawn

You can write your topic however you want, but you need to answer these questions:

  1. What do you want to achieve? I want to make my character morph disappear when it dies.

  2. What is the issue? I have a menu in which I can select a team and a role. When I do, the morph changes perfectly and teleports to the corresponding team spawn, but, if I die, the player doesn’t reapper after a few seconds. Also, If I click the letter “M” to go to the menu (action that kills me and teleports me back to the lobby) the player doesn’t get teleported plus the old character doesn’t disappear.

  3. What solutions have you tried so far? I looked for other people having the same issue but I found nothing.

Here’s the script (localscript) I use for transforming the player into the selected character:

In case I want the player to morph into another rol I just change the line where it says:

local newCharacterOriginal = game.ReplicatedStorage.Characters.Warrior.Character.WarriorCharacter


local newCharacterOriginal = game.ReplicatedStorage.Characters.(character).Character.(character)Character

Here are the videos:
robloxapp-20240605-1555547.wmv (2.0 MB)
robloxapp-20240605-1600101.wmv (2.6 MB)

I just filmed a few seconds, but I waited more and more and they never disappeared.

I’m not a scripter, I used a toolbox morph model and mix that script with one I found on the forum.

I also noticed that when I get a tool, I’m not able to use it or damage other characters.
robloxapp-20240605-1617576.wmv (3.2 MB)

Last, but not least, while testing I found out that other players can’t see me when I’m with the morph:
Player 1:

Player 2:

I fixed it myself by creating a remote event that activates whenever I click on the role selection button! All the problems at once :slight_smile:

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