[SOLVED] Problem: Hat's making me fall into the ground

Hey everyone!

I have recently been taking on the project of turning basic free models into detailed, good ones. I have taken a free ‘‘Patrol Boat’’ and turned it into a HMS Archer Patrol Vessel of the Royal Navy, however after finishing the model, and adding some uniforms, there seems to be a problem where when I step onto the little part in front of the hat to put it on, I fall right into the ground and start flying kind of.

My main overall goal is to turn this free model into a detailed HMS Archer. But I really need help with this!

I have looked through the model, but I can’t seem to find any solutions. This happens every time with ANY hat!

Please help! I have attached a photo of what is happening.



There probably is a script that sets your location to the part and welds but It’s probably anchored so you cannot move around instead I’d use this YT tutorials method.


Just managed to fix it! Thanks for your help!

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is it because your hat was an unanchor or is it because not put it a proper position

try unanchoring your hat that should fix it