[SOLVED] Vaulting System


So I am trying to make vaulting system, something similar to parkour games. Oh and it would be great if it was in first person mode. How can I do it. (Not asking for scripts). I just don’t know what and where to add scripts.

-Thank you

You need to be more specific of how you want it to work and how players should interact with it.

You could use rays and cast them out in a spread distance in from of the character and see if they are a descendant of a folder of the things they can vault. You can get the distance between the object they hit and the ground, you could use a region 3 around the plat. You could loop and do magnitude, so many different ways.

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This is too much to ask for, no free scripts, by the way.

The System: Fragmented

You will need:

  • CollectionService / Folders / Region3 / Similar
  • Parts or positions where player can vault
  • Script that handles the parts or positions
  • A local script for the players to detect the vaulting input
    • Magnitude detection - don’t forget to check it on server via RemoteEvent
  • Animation skills and CFrame knowledge
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What I personally do;

Local script;

  • loop through my parts and preset the directions I want, and create a table based off this
  • When the player presses space it loops to the closest part, then if they are close enough it proceeds to see which face of the part is closest to determine the vault direction, then CFrames and animates them to this point

I don’t see why the server needs to play into this at all, except the animation portion. If the Client is going to exploit the vault or noclip they are going to do it.


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