Some assets I made for an RPG I'm working on with a friend

The style is pretty simplistic, but it does have a certain charm to it in my opinion.

Not sure if this is actually gonna go anywhere, but at least I got to make some models I like :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh yeah, the little fellas are enemies called Mush Gnomes. They wear mushrooms as hats.


Cool, but why does yellow man have such a large head

Oh yeah, the little fellas are enemies called Mush Gnomes. They wear mushrooms as hats and the yellow mushroom just happened to be a very wide mushroom haha.

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I agree, they have their magic of originality, cubic and the color isnt abused so much, its TOO well done… although of course make sure that the rest of the models in the game have the same style


I really like the Mush Gnomes design! though i had some inspiration from it, added a little spice.

their attack: ankle biting

or yaknow just some tentacle action


That’s horrifying, I love it. Just imagine that little guy charging at you

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Really thinking about how I’ll make other areas fit in with this style, cuz’ I haven’t even thought about that before

I really like the art style of this, nice colors, and yes, it has a charm! It reminds me of the Mushroom from Critical Strike. I just might add if those are all parts, you should model stuff because the dots on the mushrooms will really add up.

I have been trying to get into modeling, but I never really got the hang of it.

I’d love to be able to make models and stuff if I found out where to start.

Just look up some simple tutorials, I recommend RoBuilder, he’s really skilled. Try to make a blender donut!

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because his brain is big and smart