Some Classes are Missing from the ROBLOX Developer Hub and Studio, do I use the classes that the missing classes were supposed to supersede?

The following classes are missing. Do I continue to use the classes that were superseded or is there classes that has since superseded the superseding classes for the BodyPosition and BodyGyro?

  • clicking the links leads to a 404
  • I cannot report these as a Dev Hub bug or Studio bug as I am unable to use the Bug Reporting categories.

AngularPosition superseding BodyPosition

AngularOrientation superseding BodyGyro

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I’m not really sure about it at the moment, but just to be safe I’d recommend to discontinue (Only my opinion).

I’m working on a wall-running system for a project. The best methods I’ve found to achieve this came through BodyGyro. BodyPosition I found by chance whilst investigating BodyGyro.

I don’t believe I have another option for creating this system smoothly and I want to make sure I’m using the most up-to-date classes and methods for such systems.

Both glitch out a lot, I would suggest just trying to go with the new since with other superceded and depreacted objects will just get worse over time.

Here’s the thing. You know what your project is, and how you’re going to work on it. So, it depends if you really need it or you have any other alternatives.

They don’t exist in Studio. I can’t.

They are but alright

That’s BodyGyro and BodyPosition.

I highlighted Angular Orientation and Angular Position. That’s why you saw the BodyGyro and BodyPosition pages, I was pointing to the [SUPERSEDED BY … ] sections.



Oh right, sorry I misunderstood


It’s fine.

I just have an immense amount of confusion on what to do. ROBLOX Points us towards classes that don’t exist. Maybe they are part of an upcoming Studio Beta and the Dev Hub team jumped the gun, updating these classes earlier than when the betas were gonna come out?

I believe it’s referring to these?

type into the command bar???

local objectname = "BodyPosition" = workspace

It might be, though I’m hesitant to say for sure right now. AngularVelocity exists which means the nomenclature inclusion of Angular on superseding objects does exist.

My Main Reason for believing these aren’t the same thing and AlignPosition may be different is because of the descriptors of the classes.

BodyPosition vs AlignPosition

The BodyPosition object applies a force on a BasePart such that it will maintain a constant position in the world. The Position property, not to be confused with BasePart.Position , controls the target world position. This is the translational counterpart to a BodyGyro . If you need further control on a force applied to an object, consider using a BodyForce or BodyThrust instead.


An AlignPosition is used to apply a force towards a location. Like other constraints, AlignPositions have two Attachments . In this case the attachments are constrained to be in the same position, although not necessarily in the same orientation. By default, this constraint only applies forces on Attachment0 , although it can be configured to apply forces on both attachments.

BodyGyro vs AlignOrientation

The BodyGyro object applies a torque (rotational force) on a BasePart such that it maintains a constant angular displacement, or orientation. This allows for the creation of parts that point in a certain direction, as if a real gyroscope were acting upon it. Essentially, it’s the rotational counterpart to a BodyPosition .


An AlignOrientation is a constraint that applies a torque to make its attachments align. Like other constraints, this has two Attachments . In this case the two attachments are constrained to be oriented in the same direction but not necessarily the same position.

You misread the post and title.

I think it’s just a documentation bug. Maybe they meant to point to some constraints.

Right now, it doesn’t seem like there’s any good alternative to these two. They work well enough.
That being said, I hope they add AngularPosition and AngularOrientation in soon. I’d love to see an updated version of BP and BG with Center of Mass support. It’d certainly make my life easier.