Some feedback on my game so far?

i recently begun making a game about dropkicking people and its a sequel to my what older game.
In the desc of the game is more information ab the game.
What im trying to ask is, is that if you have the time, that you maybe could provide me with feedback of my game.

I do understand that asking these types of questions (feedback) that there may come criticism, but keep it clear. What i mean by that is, instead of saying: “Your game sucks, delete it right now!” or something like that, come with usefull feedback that could possibly help me / the game.

The game is heavily under development and is not finished at all, keep in mind that the game is open for improvement and that im currently working on new mechanics and more ways to spend your in game currency.

game link:


I haven’t tried the gameplay but there’s something revolutionary you did with the graphics & map.

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You mean based what u have seen on the thumbnail? The graphics are not like the thumbnail. The thumbnails are like that for idk, the effect ig, thought it looked cool.

Ingame. The graphics are unique ina way.

is that good or bad? … … . . … .

But is the game good / fun, did u experience any issues?

there wasnt anyoone else to try out the mechasnics

As someone who didn’t know what this game was about, I was just plain stuck to know what I was supposed to do. Even if you had a opening UI with just the objective that would help a new person.

Okay, thanks for the feedback.
Just so you know in case u missed, there is some information about the game in the desc of the game.
“there wasnt anyoone else to try out the mechasnics” I completely understand, at the time im writing this, im working on more content. You couldve also brought in a friend.

I added a guide ingame, it may be low quality but i can change it anytime. Remember to check the desc