Some game I made, feedback?

So I created a game for a gamejam(Wish me luck) but any how I created this game in 12 hours so I am wondering what can I do to make it better? Thanks!

Also anyone have a good name idea for the game?


I’m trying to play it, but I’m confused. How exactly do you open the security panel?

Edit: Wait, hold on, it just opened and I have no idea what’s happening

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Alright, here are some freebies before my main criticism

  1. The ambience loop is very obvious
  2. The tutorial text should have a background/text outline to make it more readable
  3. The security panel text doesn’t actually update based on what camera you pick
  4. Picking all the correct keys before the sequence ends hides the panel, but the sound keeps playing
  5. An office of some sorts would be nice, since we can turn our camera but have nothing to look at

A big issue I had is the tutorial. It’s an info dump with no way to see what the game is talking about. It’s also somewhat implied you have to open the panel before pressing a camera key, when that is not true.
I had to restart the game 3 times to understand what I was supposed to do; don’t underestimate the panic a player can feel when you shove a menu onto them and letters start flashing.

Although it’s more minor, there is a sudden difficulty jump near the end. You start getting two letters at a time that rapidly change; it’s way harder than the breeze that was only a few seconds ago.

I have other issues, but these relate mostly to the gameplay loop itself, and so I will not include them. Feel free to ask for them, but I do understand you are under the time constraint of a gamejam.

The game does show promise however, and I did enjoy playing it once I understood the mechanics.


This is actually a bug and I have no clue why it happens.

how can I write it to not seem that way?

Forgot to do that. . . oops

Sounds like the game is doing the sequence multiple times instead of once…

I have the belief the tutorial should explain elements bit by bit, at the player’s pace. The control panel opening when you explain what to do on it would make it somewhat easier to understand.
The game should specify something along these lines;
“When one of those creatures appears on any of your cameras, you should press that camera’s number on your keyboard to open up a panel.”

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I think I know how to fix it now

Ill try it out! Thank you!