Some improvements on my animation skills

Hi, I’ve recently discovered the power of blender’s graph editor and I want to show you guys what I’ve done. From what I can tell I’ve made major improvements from last time (where I used the dope sheet)

I’ve uploaded them to youtube (for my audience of course), so you can see them here:

(sorry if your ears got blasted lol)


Animations are pretty good, but on the Spas-12 it doesn’t make too much sense that the player flips the gun over. Although people do turn their shotguns to reload in competition, it doesn’t make much sense that you actually use force to flip the weapon, usually it’s just rotated with the hand gripping the forearm. I think it would be better to keep the weapon at the normal rotation, otherwise the gun can be rotated 45 degrees right for simplification.

For the XM177, the magazine insertion should be quicker, there is a weird 1 1/2 seconds of pause. Instead of a 5 second reload, you could shorten it to 3 1/2. The XM177 animation showed in the video is a tactical reload, so racking the bolt after inserting the magazine means you’ve just ejected a non-fired cartridge. I would recommend to get rid of the bolt racking to shorten up the tactical reloads. For a full reload, I think you should just have the bolt catch be depressed instead of racking the charging handle.

For the L86A2, there isn’t much of an issue, but I feel like the thumb should be wrapped around the magazine instead of resting on the wall of it. Either way it doesn’t make much of a difference.

Another note for the Spas-12 is how the player loads 3 shells per 4 shots. If you’ve fired 4 rounds from a 5 round shotgun, there is now space for 5 more shells inside the tube. Otherwise you would have had a shell in the chamber while you fully loaded the tube.

I think you should show full reloads with these tactical reloads, it would be better if we get to see all of the animations for the weapons.

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(SPAS-12) Don’t know if this is an issue with the animation but you’re shooting 4 bullets but only reloading 3. And the flipping of the gun to reload seems a bit odd. Also the recoil seems too “extreme” for its own good.

The Spas-12 holds 5 shells usually so it would mean the tube is empty and a shell is in the chamber after firing 4 unless your loading the weapon as 5+1, so theoretically you could load 5 more shells in the tube.

Yeah I just wanted to make the animation look cool, kinda like a professional handling it or something

I wanted to go for a slower animation style (kinda like Insurgency:Sandstorm) but yeah the mag-pause is weird.

Agagagagaga that was an editing issue :sob: