Some last-minute feedback on my first game?

Hey guys! I asked for feedback on this game a while back, but considering it has changed quite a bit, and release day is today, I’d love some more feedback!

Here’s the game. It’s essentially done, maybe some more bug fixes along the way, but overall I think I’m fairly confident on the game itself.

Some feedback I’m hoping for is:
Did you personally enjoy the game?
Did the game feel well-rounded?
Did you encounter any bugs?
Is there anything you would suggest adding/removing or changing?

Thanks y’all!

  • Personally I like the concept but not the game itself. It is rather hard to locate the zombies and where they will spawn which lead to me dying quickly the first person mode was a nice touch but with the arms covering 1/3 of the screen didn’t help with locating the zombies that much.
  • It did feel well rounded at first until the zombies start spawning out of no-where
  • I didn’t encounter any bugs
  • I think you should pay more attention to the building of the game. Maybe make the zombie run out of the black fog, climb through the windows dropping from the ceiling then flop onto the ground giving the players more time to react instead of them spawning right in front of you.
    I think it have potential though. Keep working on it!! :D.

Thank you! Those are very good points that I will take into consideration.

The game is fully functional but here are some things you should put into considerations:

  • First of all, you should lower the intermission time so players are not confused just standing there for longer than 15 seconds.
  • Also for the beginning either make fewer zombies spawn, have zombies come out a specific area, or make the game area larger. I died almost instantly because a group of zombies cornered me and got me.
    But overall great game :smiley:

Thanks dude! Yeah, most people leave during that 30-second timer. I’ll also put a disclaimer or something at the top saying “You’ll join next wave!” or along those lines.

It wasn’t the best. I disliked how the arms were so massive.

All around mediocre. It’s not something I would play again.

I didn’t encounter any bugs that weren’t already reported.

I guess just make it more fun?

Alright, thanks for the feedback dude!

Hm… Pandemic Phase. Maybe consider changing the name, since, you know, there’s COVID 19.

Yeah… it was really inconvenient timing.

I really love the concept of the game, but the game is okay. For 1, some of the maps need to be bigger, because I really didn’t understand on what I was doing for the 1st part. The game’s music randomly stops momentarily upon switching from the queue to the game itself and I found that kind of annoying to me at least.
When you die, the chance of the server message saying game over doesn’t come upon you until you die 3 times, well that happened for me at least. I also noticed some zombies with animations can get stuck momentarily when they’re being spawned in, I also noticed upon jumping on a zombies head, the zombie and other zombies around it cannot deal damage to you. Upon doing this glitch, however, you can get onto places your player cannot normally get on to, so you can basically kill the zombies without them getting to you whatsoever. I don’t know if there’s different types of zombies in the game, considering I only made it to wave 5, I didn’t see any new zombie types. To make the game more challenging, please add more zombies as it would challenge the player a bit more, rather than just fighting the same waves of zombies. Maybe try adding these below

  • Fire Zombie
  • Ice Zombie, etc

Thank you!

Yes, the bugs on this game are grueling, especially for me. And I also stand with you when you say that the game feels, repetitive with a lack of zombies. I’ll be sure to add some more!

There really isn’t anything to make it stand out from any other zombie wave games. The game is there, and it’s pretty solid but its building and design was lacking greatly.

IMO, you really need to spice up the building and UI. I believe that for a game to succeed, it has to stand out in some way. Find an X factor or a twist that makes it unique and brandish that as the main appeal to your game. Maybe rename the game around that. If this game was made for practice and merely a stepping stone for what lies ahead, you did a great job. The game was pretty well built in terms of scripting, and i didn’t run into any bugs whilst playing. the UI and gfx of the game makes it look like it was made in 2012, but given that it’s your first game it’s okay.

Some issues I encountered with this game(not bugs)
All the zombies look the same. Maybe some distinguishing factors?
There was nothing to the gun besides the fact that it was there and had recoil. Maybe showing bullets and using r15 and animating with that could help.

for the UI, use images. Standard roblox buttons dont look that great and you have more freedom with images.
When building, practice just making structures at first. dont immediately work on a game, but just build structures to work on your craft.

If you made this game by yourself, with practice, you could make some great solo games in the future. Just need practice. Hope this helped :slight_smile: