Some Letters On TextLabel On BillboardGui Are Higher Than Others

Does anyone know why, text labels, when you go farther away from it, on a billboard gui, look like the picture bellow? letters become higher than others, and some have more space between each letter.

I have tried a lot of things, “TextScaled”, and random options on the properties for it, but the issue always happens, and for my gui, it looks ugly when it looks that way, and i cant fix it, when you zoom closer into the text, it goes back to normal.

Does anyone know how to make it look normal, no matter how far you zoom out?


can you show us more? It’s better with more visuals such as where it is located

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You’re probably using offset for the majority of scaling values: impossible to tell with little information. In any case, use scale (the first numbers in the set of Size values). Size will be retained regardless of zoom distance.

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