Some of your favorite things/ideas you’ve seen in games you’ve played on roblox

what are some amazing or at least unique/fun ideas you’ve seen in games you’ve played on roblox. i wanna get a list of the most revolutionary/different/ or just simply fun ideas that haven’t been popularized yet


well this one time i played this legend of zelda oot sort of game but i think the devs discontinued the project, it was a good game even though there was barely any content, it had pretty good mechanics, basically i think story games (like actual triple A ones, not the crappy roblox ones), should be made. Ones with immersive lore and great storytelling, it doesnt even have to be complicated

like say we have game, the players town is being targeted by an evil force, the player must retrieve a series of things, there will be challenges so its not easy for the player to get those series of things, those challenges introduce new mechanics, those mechanics introduce different playstyles, those playstyles ultimately define the players actions in your game

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Fifteam’s 2018 Egg Hunt boss battle was a masterpiece. Grabbing dynamite and launching yourself at Aymor over and over again from different angles while trying not to die definitely brought the excitement to an already great Egg Hunt game that year

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