Some questions about the devforum

First of all, sorry if this is the wrong category.

  1. I’ve heard about “New Member”, “Member” and more, how to know what my rank is?
  2. Sometimes, I see people having a “Programmer” tag at the right of their username. How is that possible?

Edit: Marked GalaxyGourmet’s post as solution, but you also have Infinity_Stones that gives the link.



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Where is that? Also, how do you something similar to the “Builder” next to your username?
Edit: Just saw the link in your post, still looking for the trust level.

  1. Go to their profile, click expand, and you can see their trust level.

  2. I think you join ‘groups’ (on the forum). Not sure, though.


Say you want to join this click it image
Than you go to this after you join it in the preferences / account


Wait you guys can see my email on my profile, or is it just me?

Only you can see you’re email not others except for admins maybe I think.

Phew, because I have a private email, was about to do a heart attack!

Thanks for helping and have a good day!

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