Some small Humanoid/Character movement improvements released!


It seems that when a character has something welded to their leg, and the part has any sort of elasticity, the character will bounce upon hitting the ground after jumping. Here’s an example of this happening when I put on goalie pads in my game then try to jump. I think the elasticity of the goalie pads is 1, which is probably why it appears like I’m jumping multiple times, rather than appearing like a normal bounce.


Oh, I probably should’ve also pointed out that this bug doesn’t occur without the goalie pads welded to my legs.


That doesn’t really seem to be any smoother than it was before. Might be because of how the stairs are built… :thinking:


Your stairs look specifically like a ladder (they have a gap between each step). This is actually hard for ladder detection in the game to work with, because every time you step it thinks there is a ladder involved. This is why there is jitter climbing up.

If you make some invisible blocks in the slots between stairs, it would cause the problem to go away.