Some tips on making irregular shapes on roblox modeling

Right now I am trying to replace free models (Ik I made a whole dev forum thingy that said free models arent bad but after moments of considering I actually kind of what to make my own models so I can change it to my liking.) I may get blender but I want to know ways to make irregular shapes without it. Things that would help would be plugins roblox tools and how to use it and if there are any ways I can use it to make it better. Thanks!



Some of the plugins that have really helped me without blender would be:

  • F3X Building tools
  • Build V4
  • Archimedes

If youre also after making unusual shapeds within roblox studio, learning how to make and understand unions is a great start!

I Hope your building/modeling goes well and if you need help, my DM’s are open :slight_smile:



Plug-ins I have used when building are:

  • Studio Build Suite
  • Gap Fill
  • Wedge Edge

I completely forgot about gap fill! such a great assett to use and utilise!

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