Some way to make sure Uploaded sounds sound right

So I’m making a lot of custom sounds for a place I’m working on, but for some reason the sounds get butchered after upload.

When I say the sound gets butchered, I mean that it sounds right in my audio-editor program (as well as my media player programs), but the moment I upload it the sound is super quiet and un-hear-able. I wouldn’t really care but I just spent 80R$ on sounds that can’t even be heard very well.

I mean 80R$ isn’t a lot, but it’s the principal behind it…

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Is your ROBLOX volume a little low? is the sound.Volume == 1?

sound.Volume = 1, and my Roblox volume is what I always have it set to. I actually had my buddy go to the place and tell me and he was having issues hearing the sound because of how quiet it was.

That’s odd… Never had an issue like that with uploading audio myself, then again all my stuff has been within reasonable volumes and not ear rape sanic. Do these sounds have a sudden spike in loudness? I heard a rumor (dont know if its true, source comes from outside of rbxdev) that ROBLOX will lower the volume on sounds that can potentially damage hearing if they’re extremely loud.

cc @spotco

They aren’t particularly loud. They are weapon sounds that are a little loud, but not super loud.

I can give you a link to a place with other sounds I made that are actually louder than the ones I was having issues with that weren’t butchered.

Sadly the site is down for maintenance so you may have to wait a bit…

post sound file please

I’ve also noticed the website displays audio incorrectly, by cutting off at a random point. This usually happens with longer audio.