Some websites that I love to use when I'm stuck/lacking motivation

I’ll keep it brief – these websites have served me very well, and I think I’m doing a disservice to the entire community if these aren’t spread around.



Just so you know community resources are for the things created by you. I appreciate you sharing us some links that could be useful to us, but this is the wrong category bud.


Actually the rules for community resources state, “You may only post resources you have not created if they do not come from Roblox.”

I feel like some websites here are not for me, can you put a description beneath all of them?

But thanks

The Pinterest one is the best, easy to see the quotes
Lollipop showed me something about NFTs
Didn’t have time to check the brain one
Inspirobot: Saw some images I don’t wanna see
Stackoverflow isnt even motivational for me, whaat

No problem! Lmk if u want mire