Someone hiring an Builder, Discord Designer, and more!


Hello Everyone! I’m currently a Experienced Developer waiting for commissioning/hiring. I work in the Building field and more. I can professionally design your game, hire people, and be the Project Manager but also I can work with your Discord set it up and more! I Design Roblox Themed Discord’s, Build things in Roblox Studio, and more!

Please contact via the Roblox Developer Forum or through my Discord at minecraftcena11#7093 :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t pay much and per thing I do. For a full project working on I would like 1000+ Robux depending on it, for building 100 robux per asset, and then 500+ Robux for Discords and more. Prices are negotiable tho.

Oh, this is saying I am able to do that, kinda like a Portfolio but just not and something simple but you can RECRUIT ME! :smile:

Put this in #collaboration:portfolios cause recruitment is for recruiting developers and if you put this in portfolio, they will understand you better.

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