Someone please for the love of god help me

when i try to update the game description it will say it updated and then change to the original game description right after i update and its impossible to update the game description.


are you updating it in studio? If so try on

I have encountered this issue, and it is annoying. Usually if you leave it long enough, it will eventually update. Its almost like your description has to be processed by translation and moderation in all available languages before it shows up. I dont know for sure though.

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I am uploading it on Roblox but I can try doing it in Roblox Studio

but it probably wont make a difference

I’ve experienced this too but it seems like a caching thing with Roblox, like it’ll still show the old description at times but if you wait it out it’ll permanently show the new updated description.

Try updating the place description and the actual experience descriptions separately (Configure This Place > Basic Settings > Description | Configure This Experience > Configure > Settings > Description). Also, if you have localisation turned on for your games title/description it takes a while to update.

update it and leave it for like an hour
probably weird cache issues