Something Simulator - Update Log


Update Log

Legend - this may change
0.0 - Major Milestone Updates
0.0 - Content/feature updates
0.0.0 - Emergency updates, small tweaks + bug fixes

Latest Update

This project is currently in alpha development (Version 0).


  • +1 UI Popup when stuff is collected
  • Icons for the first 3 bags
  • Pickup sound
  • Refine sound
  • Sell sound
  • Open shop sound
  • Close shop sound
  • Purchase bag sound
  • Equip bag sound


  • Max server size changed back to 6
  • Fixed issues with multiplayer servers and bugs along with it
  • Performance improvements when walking near the pile of stuff
  • Stuff spawns are now server-sided
  • Fixed floating stuff bug (hopefully)
  • Script infrastructure reordered


  • Fixed scaling issues

v0.2 - Redesigns and improvements

  • Collecting stuff is now through a button you click instead of a proximity prompt
  • Collection duration has been added to to reduce exploits and cheating
  • Redesigned Bags Bags Bags™ interface, switching from bag upgrades to a more marketplace experience, as well as the systems that come along with that.
  • General UI has became more themed, so everything is more digestible and the game appears more memorable.
  • NPC’s now have a speech bubble explaining what they do and how you can use them
  • Stuff that gets stuck in the air now automatically get removed

v0.1 - The Big Bang

  • Replaced prompts with pads
  • Revamped currency UI
  • “And that’s when I said let there be tree”