SOMEthing's wrong here

hello devs

  • What are you attempting to achieve? I would like a nicer lobby
  • What is the issue? Well, it feels unrealistic
  • What solutions have you tried so far? I added some nature things but it still doesnt look right

Any suggestions would be great


Hello @Coolsbloxian,

I think that in its current state the lobby doesn’t have that realism feel because it needs some plants, trees, bushes, and even rocks and wood logs would give it a nice vibe and definitely elevate the build.

Looks nice though!

Try and decide a style you’re going for before you begin building or before going any further. If you’re concerned that it’s unrealistic, do you want a realistic style? Or are you going for something in-between?

The blocks you’re using for the edge of the map is a pretty old technique of creating a map border, so you could try something else. Looking at other games similar to what you’re trying to create, especially when a beginner builder, can be extremely helpful.

Maybe try using some new log meshes around the campfire from the toolbox. You could also maybe layer the map border.

Yeah, but I dont want to use transparent parts

I will definitely add more of those

Do you think a small pond would help?

Also, I feel like the lobby is a random hole

I could make a path that leads to a blocked cave?

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Yeah I think that would look nice! my only concern is that it might start to feel cramped b/c from the picture it looks a little small. That’s up to you though and how many players you plan on putting in that lobby.

Only about 10 players, would that be too much?

ehhh I think that should be okay, it will be easier to tell once you start adding things

With the style you are going for, realistic isn’t something that I would anticipate it would be. But with the current style you are going for, I would recommend expanding the lobby slightly to give players some breathing room. Adding a cave in the wall and a mine shaft entrance would look cool with your current layout. It would be easy to make to match the detail you are using currently and will give players a chance to explore.

So I would suggest adding more foliage and decoration. It currently feels very empty. Try adding rocks, bushes, trees, etc.