Sometimes places don't save when you click the save button

I worked on a project for several hours, saving every time I changed the script, and now I found out that it never saved and I’m back to the beginning. Is there a way for the studio to actually check when it doesn’t save a place successfully?

This is an issue with saving while scripting. Always save while viewing the render viewport.

You mean save while not editing a script? That’s what I did. I think when I opened the file it did not save any of the times I clicked the button, not just stopping halfway through my project.

I’ve noticed that after I publish a game, it gets all glitchy if I try to save it - which means the computer version of the game is outdated compared to the version on the site.

This is why I double check it has saved now.

When ever I’m scripting and I want to save I just move the camera on the render viewport, and then hit save. I have notice that it doesn’t say it saves if I edit a script and then hit save, without moving the camera.

??? I managed to save work while in script editor just fine. I even see the “Save File Success.” This would need to be looked into just to make sure if it’s not happening on certain machines.

It’s probably just another mac bug sigh

Just happened again. I didn’t lose much because I copied the main script and saved to see if it would fail again, and it did. The file save date updated, but it didn’t actually change the save file.
Please fix this roblox.

Now I understand what is going on. This bug appeared when ‘live coding’ was introduced. So what happens, is that the script get’s stuck in this unreloaded state, and only way to fix it, is to save place, open it again and paste the contents of the derped script.

This is VERY annoying bug, since while I’m coding, I run into problem that the script derps out, and I am tearing my hair out, because of script erroring, even if I physically fixed the code. Please, revert this until it’s stable.

We have a fix for this that will be released Thursday. We’ve turned off the feature for now and will turn it on again Thursday.

If you restart Studio, you’ll find the bug no longer persists.