Song I've Made for my RPG

I’m currently working on an RPG, and I’ve made a song for the main menu. Please tell me what I should change!

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The sound that comes in around 0:33 isn’t my favorite, but otherwise, it’s a pretty good song for an RPG. Sounds arcade-y, if you know what I mean.


seems like a super long intro music to me, honestly. its good tho

its pretty repetitive…

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This was an awesome song, but for some reason the weird noise from 0:31 was a bit annoying to my ears. Or is it just me?

Anyways awesome work!

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@extrememalt @Batmanissupercoolbro
Yeah, I know what you mean. I’ll remove it, add something else

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Very repetitive, but there is an idea. The first thing I would focus on is the content of the song, it’s quite bland and boring, especially after listening for a while.

Maybe try adding new chords, or add new instruments playing a different rhythm over the chords. You could add some new drum elements, like a hi-hat instead of the instrument at 0:31.

Good ideas with the riser, but there isn’t really anything new to transition into with that.

I would also replace the kick and snare with other samples but mainly the thing you need to work on is new content in the song.

Keep it up!

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Thanks! I’ll be sure to add that!

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