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Sophisticated Productions wish to bring a very close relationship with our employees and audience members. Here’s a small biography about our Governors and Senior Officers!


ATCDan, Chairman & Chief Flarineers Officer

I’m ATCDan! I have a major background in aviation management across Roblox and Vatsim. My main aim is to develop new shows and build them. Another key aspect of my role here, is to assure that our Governors and Senior Officers are working to their full potential.

xfirstrose, President & Chief Business Officer

I’m Bri! As I have former experience with management, Dan decided to put me forward for the Chief Business Officer and President of Sophisticated Productions. My main role is to Chair the Governors and Senior Officers. Every week, I ask and receive a report from each SVP about how their department is running!

bonnie591, Senior Vice President of Security

I’m Bonnie, I handle the welfare and security of the group. I manage that exploiters are backed-away from Sophisticated Productions.

RosehSmh, Senior Vice President of Human Resources

I’m Rose, I handle the staffing and recruitment of Sophisticated Productions. I supervise the MRs and LRs and make sure that their conduct is to a high standard.

Senior Officers

TypesInBrail, Human Resources Officer

I’m Sam or TypesInBrail! I started here as an Operations Assistant back in November 2018. Since then, I’ve gained more knowledge and worked my way up to Vice President of Operations. I resigned and decided to return in the revamp and became a HRO.

A_vez, Human Resources Officer

Hey! I’m Alex. As a long term member of SP and a former Chief Operations Officer, I’ve viewed how much this company has changed. My main role here is to work with TypesInBrail on supporting the recruitment, support and general staffing of Sophisticated Productions!

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