Sort by Untranslated for the Roblox Localization page

As a Roblox translator, it is currently too hard to go through the localization table to look for untranslated strings. Currently, you need to go through every page in the table to find the string that needs to be localized (which aren’t always easy to spot!).


Being able to sort the table by Untranslated would allow us to work more efficiently and would make it a lot easier for both the developers and translators to work together on shipping game updates. It would also make the workflow a lot smoother since we wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time sorting through the strings, making sure we haven’t missed any.

Here’s an example of how it could look like:


Doesn’t this already exist? There is an option under “Sort By” called “Untranslated First”.

Yea I just noticed it myself… I should do more research :joy:

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