Sorting Data Storage By Time

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I would like to have a schedule system where we take a user input message that says the event and time along with other items, and store it in data store temporarily. I would like the data store to sort the time integer based on time from earliest to latest. Then I would like all of the values to be exported to a surface GUI which I have created.

For now, I specifically need help with the sorting part. Again, I would like to sort the time values from the user inputs, using data store and probably a table.

I have not tried anything because I don’t know that much about data store and haven’t used it yet. Keep this in mind as you respond!

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If you have any questions, let me know!

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You should look into OrderedDataStores:

A OrderedDataStore is essentially a GlobalDataStore with the exception that stored values must be positive integers . It exposes a method GetSortedAsync() which allows inspection of the entries in sorted order using a DataStorePages object.

I will certainly look into that! Thank you.