Sound Bug [RESOLVED]

So I got some tweets and PM’s today regarding my game having issues with sounds.
The problem at hand in my game lies at the fact that the loops of my sounds are stuttering causing heavy discomfort and a killer to the fun.
I asked around to see if this was my fault, however I did not touch the scripts or sounds at all making me believe this is a ROBLOX issue.
Another reason why I say this is because Apocalypse Rising is also having issues with its sounds, I do not know what the problem is over there but the fact it happened at the same time with my game suggests this to be a bug with a ROBLOX update.

I can produce the bug in my game by sitting in a aircraft and starting the aircraft up, once the startup is complete it switches over to a loop between 3 sounds to mimic aircraft sounds. (Sound A, B and C)
All it does is change the volume and pitch dependent on the amount of throttle you apply.
Once Sound A reaches around 30% throttle it will fade away Sound A and raise the volume of Sound B, along with the pitch increase/decrease.
At 70% it does the same between Sound B and Sound C.

  • The bug seem to not occur with the startup sound, which is a other sound.
  • All the warning sounds of the aircrafts seem to work ‘okay’ and tend to bug out now when looped.

So in a nutshell,
The general aircraft sounds (3 in total) are bugged and stutter once you finished starting up the aircraft.
Did not update anything script wise for at least 4 days or so.
If you need more information, just ask.


Can you reproduce it with a smaller place?

There may be some bug introduced by the code in that place which causes the stuttering, for all we know.

Would it be possible for me to get some of your sound code? I’d like to see if some sounds changes could be affecting this.

I have made a smaller variant of the place for you to check things out.
Only question, I have no clue how to give you the place etc without making it all public.


If you do get the place, I can give you some guidance to where the code is located at.
Its 1 big script with over 1k lines of code just for the main script.

I can take a look pretty easily right now, thanks!

This seems to happen because each sound is calling play on the update loop, if you only call play and stop when the plane stops flying or starts flying, the sounds should be fine.

Alright I will take that up with my friend.
It used to work fine without any problems, curious why this started happening now.

Yeah, I am getting a lot of tweets and private messages sent my way about Mad paintball having weird sound bugs that weren’t there before the ROBLOX Sound API update. Sounds are randomly stopped and some sound like that have 2x the pitch they should have. Here is the place.

I am having weird sound bugs as well at

There is a weird noise that sounds almost like some kind of tapping whenever a gun is fired in the distance.

I am hearing sound bugs at Twisted Murderer and mad paintball too. At random the swinging/firing sounds will stop 0.1 seconds after playing / will be 1000x as loud as normal for a second.

The current problem I am having, if that I can literally hear sounds that I shouldn’t hear (across the map (such as apoc))
And I do hear a lot of tapping (gun fires) so I do assume there is something going wrong with sounds

[quote] The current problem I am having, if that I can literally hear sounds that I shouldn’t hear (across the map (such as apoc))
And I do hear a lot of tapping (gun fires) so I do assume there is something going wrong with sounds [/quote]

All these games produce the same bug in the end, which would be the stuttering sounds like taps.
I have tried the method ben said but that failed and produced the same bug.

Yup this bug also happens at Armored Patrol. Really irritating I have turned off sounds on all places for now until this is fixed.

I think this is related to the new time position features, I have turned these off for now, please let me know if you guys still see the same issues.

This could also be relevant to the new events… those disabled?
My airplane or other airplanes will loops sounds crashed servers a lot a few days ago.

Turning off that feature fixed the problem originally reported in this thread, I have a feeling it’ll do the same for the rest of the bugs reported too

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My game relies on this :open_mouth: Is there any way you can operate it player/place specific?

It won’t be off forever? :\ I’m looking for a solution for this problem right now.

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I can confirm that the sounds do work now, thanks ben.
Hope you find a solution to the problem soon.

Alright I’ve found the problem for the planes, and a separate problem that is affecting games such as mad paintball with popping sounds. Both fixes should be out in a week from Thursday if everything goes right.

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